Dog Up a Tree

This is impossible! There’s just no way a German shepherd could have climbed a tree so high and so far–even if he was chasing a cat. You can see the cat in the still photo: nowhere left to go.

Impossible or not, the fire department had to come to the rescue. Don’t worry–nobody got hurt.

5 comments on “Dog Up a Tree

  1. My late brother had a dog that chased a cat up a tree in their yard. My brother couldn’t tell which was more surprised – the dog or the cat! She had no problem getting herself down.

    After that, she would regularly climb the tree and sit there, watching the traffic go by. Every now and then, they’d hear a car come to a sudden stop, then reverse back to the tree, and people would stop to gawk at the dig. 😄

    1. She was a Doberman-German Shephard cross, and truly unique! She could run straight up just about any tree. My brother couldn’t take her for walks. He would take her to the park and let her run, while following her with the car. He tried having her on a leash while he road a bike one time, but she pulled him so fast, he lost control of the bike. One of her favourite things was to “fly”. She would hold a stick in her mouth while we would grab it on both ends, then start spinning in circles while she hung on and flew through the air! She loved it! He so loved that dog! 😁

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