Victor Davis Hanson: Stop the Money

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Victor Davis Hanson

I’m posting here a column by Victor Davis Hanson (–“The Sickness of Our Universities–and the Cure”–because he’s now saying something that we’ve been saying here for months, if not years:

Our universities are a disgrace, a mess–and the only way to cure the disease is to stop pouring money into it.

That’s what it boils down to. *Curtail government handouts.*Tax university endowments, currently (and wrongly!) tax-exempt. *Stop federal funds. *Require students to pass the equivalent of an SAT test to graduate. *Get government out of the $1.8 trillion student loan business. *And finally, to donors: “Just say no.”

College costs a fortune nowadays, and what are we getting for our money? Not much! What we are getting is a lot of toxic foolishness that does real harm to the American people and our constitutional republic.

It’s got to stop.

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