The GOP’s Answer to the Dems’ Potted Plant

Vice President Mike Pence Archived on X: "After riding in ...

His family’s bigger than his voter base. Maybe his family is his voter base.

A leading Democrat operative raised eyebrows a few days ago by saying, “With what we know now, we could run a potted plant for president–and win!” More eyebrows were raised when it became apparent that he really meant it.

But Republicans have not been idle. Intent on showing voters that he’d make a better president than some old potted plant, former Vice President Mike Pence held a rally in Iowa a few days ago… and 13 people showed up (

“Those 13 people who came to hear me speak represent 13,000!” said the bruised reed, lean on it and it’ll pierce your hand. “And those 13,000 represent 13 million!” Where he’s getting this argument is not clear.

What that 2024 election will look like is anybody’s guess. There’s a slogan out there waiting to be picked up and used: “Vote for me, I’m better than nobody!” (A certain amount of ambiguity is always welcome in a campaign slogan.) Mr. Pence might be the first to grab it.

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  1. It gets harder and harder to tell the satire from the reality these days. I think the satire often seems more plausible.

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