Eccentric Cats and Dogs

I don’t think much of people who play pranks on their pets.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers? My cat Henry got really ticked off by worry beads. I have no idea why.

And I never knew dogs could learn to imitate people–but we can see them doing it in this video.

2 comments on “Eccentric Cats and Dogs

  1. Thank you for the warning. I don’t like seeing people play tricks on their pets, either — or laugh when their pets have mishaps, the latter especially with cats, who seem to be bothered more by the laughter than by the mishap.

    1. I used to play a little harmless trick on Buster–shuffle my shoe when he was walking past. It always startled him. And he always pretended that it hadn’t, he’d hardly noticed it at all, he’s cool. I wouldn’t have tried that trick on Missy, though: she wouldn’t have liked it. She liked everything peaceful and orderly. We tried to accommodate her.

      Some people don’t realize cats and other animals have souls, personalities, and a full agenda that’s each of theirs alone. We know better!

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