‘What Happens When You Take Money from China’ (2019)

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Our ruling class keeps coming up with behaviors that make me ashamed to be an American. Here’s one of many:

What Happens When You Take Money from China

The Chinese Communist Party has learned, when it comes to America, “Why try to conquer ’em when you can always buy ’em?” The National Basketball Assn. took money from Red China–and now no one in the NBA can so much as whisper a word that the Chicoms don’t like. If one slips out, a host of groveling apologies must follow!

Professional sports suck anymore. It’s all about money and absolutely nothing else.

It’s just no fun anymore. Just a great big thing to be ashamed of.

3 comments on “‘What Happens When You Take Money from China’ (2019)

  1. The way professional athletes disrespect our flag and national anthem have turned me off to the whole franchise. And I see where Gov. Newsom is over there in Bejing kissing XI and the leaders behind, promising them they can trade successfully together.

  2. I have never been to a professional team sport stadium. I have never stepped into a stadium to watch a game. Only on TV. I always thought the tickets cost way too much. Watching in the comfort of my home was a whole lot better.

    1. Patty and I used to go to Yankee Stadium for games–but not any more. Ticket prices are insane. So are parking fees and refreshments. Plus the added fun of driving around in New York. There are nuances of the game that can only be appreciated if you’re there in persons–and others that can only be appreciated on TV. Bottom line: $275 for a ticket! Are they crazy?

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