Don’t They Want Their Money Back?

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We ordered some $70 worth of groceries from Whole Foods the other day. In due course, the order was delivered. End of story–well, no. More like the beginning.

Shortly after we’d put away our groceries, we got an email from telling us “We were unable to deliver your order”–and therefore we are refunding your payment.

Somebody made a mistake. The order was delivered, all shipshape. Somebody got the address mixed up or something.

Well, you wouldn’t believe how hard we had to work to set it right. Phone this number, phone that one, talk to robots, and to the occasional human being who happened to be present. It took two days to give these people their money back! We hope that goal has finally been achieved. Maybe there’ll be another error somewhere and the bailiffs will break down our door and drag us off to Camp Biden. For a time there we felt like characters in M.R. James’ Casting the Runes: maybe whoever winds up with that money will regret it.

4 comments on “Don’t They Want Their Money Back?

  1. I wouldn’t even try. Amazon messes up orders all the time and trying to get through to them is, essentially, impossible. Even though I do a fair amount of business with Amazon, I have no respect for the company itself.

    In the course of my business, I occasionally walk by one of Amazon’s carefully concealed offices. There are no markings, etc. but I know who the tenants are in the building because of technical reasons. If you so much as walk past their door, a guard will come out and confront you. To call these people jerks does a disservice to jerks, worldwide.

  2. I think there was an episode of Gomer Pyle USMC with him returning (trying to return) a baby carriage mistakenly sent to him. I guess the only thing that’s changed in the decades was how infuriatingly automated all the go-between a have gotten.

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