The Good Guys Win One

Dagon : Can't Stand Up to God

Those idols need breaking

A Christian school does not have to promote un-Christian beliefs in order to receive state funds available to all the other schools, a federal court has ruled (

The state of Colorado had to be slapped down by a federal judge for suggesting that the Darrel Patterson Christian Academy “must change its faith-based rules concerning sexuality and gender” before it can receive state funds for pre-school services. It’s a First Amendment issue, said the judge, and no, you can’t force a Christian school to honor pagan idols like “transgender” and “gay,” etc. The judge granted a preliminary injunction in favor of the school.

It’s heartening to see a Christian school stand up for Jesus. Not all of them do.

St. Patrick cast the snakes out of Ireland. Who will cast them out of government?

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  1. Great news. Sociologically, Colorado has gone over the edge. I was in Denver a few month back, and Denver is growing like a weed, immensely expensive, and pretty much an urban hellhole. This is the city where I felt safe, almost anywhere, but now, not so much.

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