‘Globalist Fat Cats Want Us to Eat Weeds’ (2020)

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Inkberries! Oh, boy! Do you feel lucky today?

Not content with exhorting us plebs to eat bugs, the World Economic Forum now wants us to eat weeds, too. This has the added advantage of exposing us to mortal danger: some weeds are deadly poisonous.

Globalist Fat Cats Want Us to Eat Weeds

Dear Lord, look at this world! Short of an all-out world war, have You ever seen such a mess? The ungodly are running wild, having the time of their lives.

We pray for You to intervene.

5 comments on “‘Globalist Fat Cats Want Us to Eat Weeds’ (2020)

  1. Well, some weeds are pretty tasty — for example, dandelion. I never see dandelion greens in the stores any more, but I used to love sautéed dandelion greens, or a dandelion salad (the greens have to be very young for a salad).

  2. Super-processed foods from our modern supermarkets aren’t much better, though (assuming they HAVE food). I prefer the farmer’s market and to grow my own when I can.

    And there are quite a few things considered “weeds” that are actually quite useful and have medicinal value. In light of the last several years, frankly, I’d trust my own garden before I’d trust the pharma companies.

    1. I do understand that many plants we call “weeds” are edible and nutritious. But that’s certainly not what the globalists are after.

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