Good Guys Win Again–In California!

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I won’t post pictures of this garbage. Here’s a nice goldfinch instead. (Time to feed the birds!)

If it can be done in California, it can be done anywhere.

All hail dogged, determined parents who would NOT allow their children’s online lessons to be tainted with LGBT propaganda! All hail Mass Resistance (, who provided moral and practical support!

All the smutty toxic sex books were finally removed from the online libraries of California Virtual Academics (–and now they’re trying to find out who brought them into CVA’s library in the first place.

[Look, I find the pictures of this material offensive and disgusting and would rather not post them here. You can see some of them in the Mass Resistance report (click the link above.]

Once again we have to ask: Why does anyone want to steer young children into aberrant sexuality? Are there that many practicing perverts in our education system?

And again we ask this: What finally has to happen before you remove your children from all forms of public school and educate them at home? What will that final insult be? And for how long can we put off taking decisive action?

Parents shouldn’t have to struggle up a corporate ladder, fighting battles at each step, to confront the top villains and by some miracle convince them to stop molesting their children. We are thankful to those who kept at it until they did it.

But really, pulling the children out of public school altogether is the most meaningful and effective action we can take.

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  1. LGBT may be the latest civil rights movement, but one in the near future will be lowering the age of sexual consent to 12. Some areas of Mexico this is already a reality. Mohammed, the false prophet, married a 9-year-old, and he is supposed to be the pattern for all of mankind forever.

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