Which Country Has the Highest Murder Rate?

A billboard promoting a ban on guns in front of Petare, the largest slum in Caraca

Caracas, Venezuela: Do they take “ley de desarme” seriously?

It’s not an easy question to answer: the figures are all over the place. For instance: https://www.datapandas.org/ranking/murder-rate-by-country . In this list, Venezuela is No. 6 with 36.69 murders per 100,000 people. The five with higher murder rates are all small Third World countries, with El Salvador being No. 1.

Other studies say No. 1 is Mexico, or Colombia. If you said, “Oh, it’s gotta be the U.S., hands down,” you were wrong. A typical rating for the United States is just under five per hundred thousand (4.96).

Police work doesn’t amount to much in certain countries, and certain governments will never tell the truth. Think we’d get honest statistics out of China? And who collects the stats for South Sudan? Honest statistics out of Blue States–you gotta be kiddin’.

Liberals, of course, blame murder on gun ownership. Israel took away her private citizens’ right to bear arms. So the monsters came out of Gaza and murdered whole families. Weakness invites abuse. Total defenselessness invites extinction.

Criminal drug cartels have made killing fields of several Latin American countries.

If government will not protect its citizens from crime and violence, why does it exist?

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