‘Very Weird School “Policy”: Smile–Or Else!’ (2018)

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This is another one of those stories that the maimstream nooze media never followed up. It’s one of the weirdest school stories that we’ve ever published here.

Very Weird School ‘Policy’: Smile–or Else!

Where do they get the jidrools who run our public schools? How are the teachers’ colleges able to turn out so many wack-jobs? I mean, really–Smile, or else? You go into “counseling,” like there’s something wrong with you?

Why in the world do parents keep sending their children to these schools?

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  1. This makes me think of the sub-teaching job I had yesterday at the middle school. Pictures were being taken for the yearbook, so all day different clubs, music groups, etc. were called out on the PA system go to the cafeteria for picture taking. As I stood in the hallway between the 3rd & 4th period making sure all the students moved along to their next class in an orderly manner, the bell rang, and no one was in my classroom! It turned out the high scholastic honor group had been called (straight A students) and everyone in my AP Algebra class of 19 were in it. Before long they arrived, and we were back to normal until the next PA announcement disrupted the flow of the day.

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