Now That’s a Nightmare!

The best our ruling class can do?

Obviously I waded too far and too deep into politics this week, because I had a freakin’ dream about it.

I dreamed John Kerry was the supreme ruler of the country, president for life, and that the day was John Kerry Day, celebration required by law. Make sure they see you celebrating, or else!

Sad but true: there are any number of politicians, presidential wannabes, every bit as horrible as Kerry–it would take all day just to list them. True, not all of them want to help Iran develop nuclear weapons: that’s a Kerry & Obama project. But I can’t believe there’s a Democrat alive who would positively balk at it.

Our country needs rescuing from the Democrat Party. We did not find it, this Election Day.

I pray God to provide it.

6 comments on “Now That’s a Nightmare!

  1. Alas, it’s not just the Democrats any more. And not even just recognized RINOs. There’s a whole political class that thinks only of getting elected and then reelected – or appointed to Deep State positions – and getting rich and powerful and ordering the peasants around…..

  2. At last night’s GOP Debate, Ramaswamy blasted Republicans for being the party of losers, and that Ron McDaniels should be fired as RNC head. Vivek even offered her to come to the podium and use his time to defend her record.

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