Guaranteed 100% Safe!

New! Improved! From World Economic Forum Industries–the 100% electric bus that’s guaranteed to have a 100% safety record! Absolutely nothing can go wrong!

Let’s admit it: a bus is a terrible thing to have rolling downhill backwards because its battery conked out and the brakes and steering don’t work. But trust WEF engineers to find a way around that problem! Just a little glitch, that’s all.

Our new improved 100% electric bus will go nowhere! Wheels won’t turn. The battery’s there to provide lights and soothing New Age music; it can’t be used to start the engine. Because there is no engine! Why didn’t we think of that sooner?

Our new Safe-T-Bus is ideal for 15-Minute Cities where you’re only gonna have to walk a few blocks anyway. The Safe-T-Bus gives the illusion of motion and relies on an inexhaustible source–your imagination! Want to go to Ohio? Board the bus, pay the driver, sit down in your seat… and imagine you’re going to Ohio! It’s so much safer–and sustainable!–than any other mode of travel.

Hint: Eventually these buses will be mandatory–so buy ’em for your town now before the price goes up.

3 comments on “Guaranteed 100% Safe!

  1. You mean the W.E.F. will still allow us to have an imagination? And no way would I want to go to Ohio after the citizens there just approved the killing of unborn babies, and even put it in their Constitution/

    1. I read the actual ballot question a few days ago–and I could not figure out what they meant. I’m sure it was purposely made confusing, so that people wouldn’t know what they were voting for–or against.

  2. A truly brilliant invention. And it opens up so many other possibilities — imaginary food, imaginary shelter, imaginary life….

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