What’s With the New Army Recruitment Ad?

Army recruitment is down 25%. Don’t be surprised: the U.S. Army for the past three years has been dragged head-first through the Woke/Climate Change swamp. Remember the “two moms” ad? That’s the kind of garbage they’ve been playing with.

So suddenly we have an ad showing paratroopers in action–and they’re all white men. Conservatives think this sudden course correction means the Pentagon has war jitters: suddenly an all-Woke DEI military doesn’t seem like such a hot idea. And leftids are screaming bloody murder about the ad’s lack of Diversity. Where are the gay wimmin intersectional non-binary drag queen paratroopers?

Let’s backtrack some nine years and watch a video of a religious service for U.S. Marines in their mess hall. Not an ad. Something real.

See that? They’re all here–whites, blacks, Hispanics. All together.

But that’s not some half-baked manufactured “diversity.”

That’s unity.

And our “leaders” have come dangerously close to frittering it away.


10 comments on “What’s With the New Army Recruitment Ad?

  1. I always find that video moving. Diversity and inclusion don’t need some PC nursemaid. I work, daily with people from all over the earth. I find most of them very easy to respect, and I don’t have to be cajoled into accepting them. I’m certain that most people are like that. If we all strive to be at our best, people will have no problem finding plenty to respect, in others.

  2. Inspiring video of the marines! Only 9 years ago! Those running the military have had to work relentlessly on multiple fronts to so quickly and deeply demoralize and divide the troops.

    unknowable2 says well what I believe also.

    Lee, when you can, please play this video of Amazing Grace by Brazilian Dan Vasc? https://youtu.be/89g9yMGFGlM

  3. While in the Navy I went through schooling alongside Marines. They used to say there were no such thing as “white” or “black” or any ethnicity. You were either a “light green” or a “dark green” Marine

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