Marines Sing ‘Days of Elijah’

I wonder: have those woke idiots in the Pentagon weeded this zeal for God out of our military? How many of the Marines in this video are still in the corps?

We pray the LORD will show His glory.

By Request, ‘Days of Elijah’

Erlene requested this yesterday–Days of Elijah, sung by a mess hall-full of United States Marines. Sorry it slipped through the cracks.

The Marines in this video are seven years older now. We pray their faith is seven years’ stronger, seven years’ deeper. The whole human race will need it!

Bonus Hymn, ‘Days of Elijah’

I want to thank Erlene for requesting Days of Elijah. I need some pumping up, I very much doubt I’m the only one, and this hymn will always do the trick. And nobody sings it like a hall full of U.S. Marines. “Out of Zion shall salvation come”–Ooh-rah!

Be of Good Courage

There’s too much defeatism out there. Too many Christians carrying on like the battle’s lost already, bad guys win, nothing we can do about it, etc. Like they forgot the nooze media never tells the truth and purposely tries to demoralize us so Democrats will win… and maybe they’re starting to believe the lies, half-truths, exaggerations, and minimizations that we’re all bombarded with all day, every day.

Are we not servants of the living God, Jehovah, who made the heavens and the earth? Is our faithfulness dependent on our worldly success?

“But what do we have to fight with? They’ve got the media, they’ve got the schools, they’ve got Hollywood, they’ve got wealth and power and are unrestrained by any moral considerations–”

We have resources, though.

*Our brains–surely we are equal to the task of coming up with difficulties that will confuse and exasperate the enemy, even as he confuses and exasperates us. They’re supposed to be The Smartest People In The World–and look at them. If we can’t outsmart a mob of useful idiots with degrees in Gender Studies, we deserve to be conquered.

*The truth–we have the truth and they don’t. We should lose no opportunity to proclaim it. Yes, they’ve paralyzed the world with some shallowly convincing lies–think “man-made climate change” and “systemic racism”–and they have the pulpits and megaphones with which to preach them every day. But if they were so sure of their hold on everybody’s minds, would they still be fighting so hard to establish it? Put truth up against their lies and see who wins.

*We have recourse to prayer, and they don’t. What–are they going to get on their knees and pray “O God, help us to promote abortion?” Or any other one of a myriad of evils they embrace. God hears the prayers of His people, but the prayers of the wicked are an abomination to Him.

Here is where we are tested, here and now, where the rubber meets the road. Are we servants of God, or just hangers-on? Do we trust in God or don’t we?

These are the days of Elijah.

Pray harder, sing louder, and proclaim the truth. Christ already has the victory, and we are His people. Ooh-rah!

‘Days of Elijah’

I’m posting this because I think we need it–Days of Elijah, sung with heart and soul by a hall-full of U.S. Marines.

God’s way is the way we ought to go.

‘Days of Elijah’

We need pumping up–well, I certainly do. We need to remember that we serve a mighty God, all-righteous, all-wise–who is not an absentee landlord!

Days of Elijah, sung by a hallful of U.S. Marines–oo-rah!

By Request, ‘Days of Elijah’

Yeah, it’s time to post this again–Days of Elijah, sung with gusto by a hall full of U.S. Marines. Erlene suggested it last night.

Turn the volume way up! And be inspired.

By Request, ‘Days of Elijah’

This is about the umpteenth time we’ve posted this–Days of Elijah, sung with gusto my a hall full of U.S. Marines. Just because it’s Christmas-time doesn’t mean we can’t have other hymns for all occasions. The Hymn Shop is always open!

Requested by “Unknowable.”

Encore, ‘Days of Elijah’

I reckoned it was time for this again: U.S. Marines singing Days of Elijah. Their “Ooh-rah!” makes my heart leap, and I wish I could be with them, chanting “There’s no God like Jehovah!”

Tread down thine enemies, O God! Give us your servants faith and courage, to serve the King of Kings, the Son of God–Jesus Christ Our Lord.

‘Days of Elijah’ (US Marines)

Sorry, couldn’t help myself, I just had to post this again: U.S. Marines singing Days of Elijah, punctuated by some “ooh-rahs!” from the heart.

Whatever happens, we have got/ Servants of God; and they have not. Let’s see the ACLU break up this hymn-sing.