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‘Days of Elijah’

We need pumping up–well, I certainly do. We need to remember that we serve a mighty God, all-righteous, all-wise–who is not an absentee landlord!

Days of Elijah, sung by a hallful of U.S. Marines–oo-rah!

By Request, ‘Days of Elijah’

Yeah, it’s time to post this again–Days of Elijah, sung with gusto by a hall full of U.S. Marines. Erlene suggested it last night.

Turn the volume way up! And be inspired.

By Request, ‘Days of Elijah’

This is about the umpteenth time we’ve posted this–Days of Elijah, sung with gusto my a hall full of U.S. Marines. Just because it’s Christmas-time doesn’t mean we can’t have other hymns for all occasions. The Hymn Shop is always open!

Requested by “Unknowable.”

Encore, ‘Days of Elijah’

I reckoned it was time for this again: U.S. Marines singing Days of Elijah. Their “Ooh-rah!” makes my heart leap, and I wish I could be with them, chanting “There’s no God like Jehovah!”

Tread down thine enemies, O God! Give us your servants faith and courage, to serve the King of Kings, the Son of God–Jesus Christ Our Lord.

‘Days of Elijah’ (US Marines)

Sorry, couldn’t help myself, I just had to post this again: U.S. Marines singing Days of Elijah, punctuated by some “ooh-rahs!” from the heart.

Whatever happens, we have got/ Servants of God; and they have not. Let’s see the ACLU break up this hymn-sing.

By Popular Demand, Marines Sing ‘Days of Elijah’

A lot of you wanted to see and hear this again, and so did I: so here are the U.S. Marines at Camp Pendleton singing Days of Elijah. And as great as this song of praise is, it’s even better with a few lusty “Oo-rahs!” thrown in. Turn up the volume!

It brings to mind a little poem:

Whatever happens, we have got

The U.S. Marines… and they have not!

If your strength is in the Lord, your strength is strength indeed.

‘Days of Elijah’ (and the Crowd Goes Wild!)

Erlene thought it might be good to post this again: Days of Elijah, Paul Wilbur, full orchestra, and who knows how big an audience singing and dancing in the aisles. Normally I post the video with U.S. Marines singing it.

Wow! If this worship song doesn’t pump you up, I don’t know what will. It’s going to be in my head all night, but I don’t mind a bit. Turn up the volume!

‘Days of Elijah’ (Oo-Rah!)

There is no God like Jehovah, and there’s no one sings His praises louder than these U.S. Marines at Camp Pendleton–Days of Elijah. These are good words and good men to remember as we watch the darkening swirl of today’s current events.

If you’re new to this blog, we take hymn requests whenever we get any. So if there’s a hymn you’d like to see posted here, just let us know.

Ooh-Rah! ‘Days of Elijah’

I feel a need for this today. Maybe you do, too.

These are our Marines, singing Days of  Elijah. Think the libs’ll be able to get these guys to turn against the Lord our God?

Not a chance.

Blast Off! ‘Days of Elijah’

A hall full of U.S. Marines singing Days of Elijah–turn up the volume, boys and girls! “There’s no God like Jehovah!”

Requested by Erlene (I wish I’d thought of it!)–and I hope she doesn’t mind that I used this version.

Let’s see the ACLU shut these guys down.

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