‘Can You Say “Boiling-Over Hypocrisy”?’ (2019)

Standing in front of the colonnade of Columbia University's Butler Library, students hold up handwritten signs on cardboard to show support for the Palestinian cause.

But none of this “Death to you-know-who” stuff is Hate Speech, huh?

By now we have thousands of examples of this. College is where your soul goes to die. And your brain, too.

This, for instance, from the University of Illinois:

Can You Say ‘Boiling-Over Hypocrisy’?

When you unpack this drivel all you find is shin-kicking Stalinism.

And now, four years later–ta-dah! Look at those looniversities turning out to support Hamas! That’s what you bought for your education dollars, America.

We’re not kidding: no more public money for the colleges.

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