Where’s Your Cat?

So where’s your cat? Missing? Don’t panic. Check your bookcases, laundry baskets, shopping bags, and any other potential hiding place that seems extremely unlikely. They’d get themselves into jars of baby food, if they could. And screw down the lids.

5 comments on “Where’s Your Cat?

  1. Cats sure love to be concealed, and/or in an enclosure. My cat has done several of the things in that video, and I’d venture that every cat has, given the opportunity.

    1. My baby brother did that, too. Had all the neighborhood, with the Fire Dept., looking for him… and he had fallen asleep behind a chair in the living room. They didn’t think to look there.

    2. I loved to hide like that, when I was a kid. My earliest years were spent living in a place where winters were very cold, and anything that seemed warm and protected was appealing. My parent’s home was always warm, but outside, it could be -20 F, or less, for several months per year.

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