Confessions of a Former Biden-Bot

I know this piece is rather long, but it’s very powerful and I am very much impressed.

Sasha Stone dissects her old Far Left self which she has left behind–one might say “fled”–in favor of normal America as normal Americans have always known it. I strongly recommend reading it.

Really, folks–we are looking at a Democrat Party which means to bring an end to our republic, replacing it with some Far Left Crazy hell-hole with themselves in charge, empowered to pitch us into labor camps if we… oh, if we question the results of an election! That they will soon fall to knifing and biting each other is but cold comfort.

Read this essay, and tell me what you think. I think it’s hit the bullseye.

4 comments on “Confessions of a Former Biden-Bot

  1. They constantly accuse others that don’t agree with them, of trying to “destroy democracy”, while they themselves destroy democracy. The most alarming thing is now many people blindly follow along. It’s always good to see someone escape the ideology, but my goodness, do they ever get targeted for their apostacy!

  2. Sasha is right, the Left does not want democracy – they want “democracy” because that is a form of gov’t that can easily be transformed into fascism, like Obama campaigned on. Even our conservative lights like Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump talk in terms of a democracy instead of clarifying every chance they have that we are founded as a Republic.

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