‘Australia to Sieze and Vaccinate 24,000 Children’ (2021)

A long line of people on the street. All are wearing winter clothes and face masks.

We must never forget this. Never. And allow it never, never, never, never again.

It’s a truism that “the public has a very short memory.” That’s why wicked and insane rulers are able to do the same things to us over and over again.

Could we please not forget the lessons of The Great Pandemic?

Australia to Seize and Vaccinate 24,000 Children

Every instinct I have, as a historian and a political scientist, tells me that the lockdowns and the forced “vaccinations” and the world-wide panic were experimental probes toward setting up a global government. And I believe it would be a Satanic government.

We really must, must, must internalize, and also shout from the housetops, “We will not comply! We will not comply!”

And mean it.

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