Try This for a School Board Campaign Slogan

Inflation is the No. 1 issue in this year’s elections. But suddenly, at least in my home town, we’ve got lawn signs for school board candidates.

I’ve figured out that the candidates with the signs are the bad guys. Democrats were shocked, this summer, by how many of their puppets bit the dust in special school board elections all around the country. So of course they’re now going to pour money into school board elections!

Here’s the campaign slogan that I recommend for our side:

Damn the ideology! The family comes first!

No more “trans” propaganda, no more sodomite porn in the school library, no more boys in the girls’ locker rooms: what is the purpose of any of that stuff, if not to undermine the family and groom children for early and aberrant sex? What in the world are our Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions doing, if not that?

The family comes before the schools. Not the other way around! We pay for those wretched schools. We ought to own them. The fact that we don’t, and never will, should be all we need to know… before we remove our children from those classrooms. We can get by without public schooling, but we can’t get by without the family.

Better than any board of education candidate is homeschooling–out of the reach of teachers’ unions.