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‘Christian vs. Almost Christian Fantasy’ (2015)

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Maybe this year I’ll find some really great, current, Christian fantasy to review.


I have to be careful about going into the theology shop, because I’m not a theologian, I might break something.

But a demon-hunting hit squad? If that seems a familiar motif, it’s from a book called Pax Demonica about “a demon-hunting soccer mom.” I know, I know–but really, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. But the theology was way, way off.

Is it really necessary to warn anyone that learning Christian doctrine from paperback novels is probably not a good idea?

Christian vs. Almost Christian Fantasy

Every now and then I blink my eyes and suddenly remember that a main purpose of this blog is to get readers interested in my writing and hopefully motivate them to try my books. Over the years, this has worked dozens of times.

Another purpose is to get readers and writers interested in fantasy fiction that serves the Kingdom of God. This is difficult because there is very little of such fiction.

And so turn we unto amazon.com and its convenient Top 100 list for Christian Fantasy.

Is this a reliable guide to selecting a book for particularly Christian relevance?


Case in point: Pax Daemonica by Julie Kenner, #7 in her series about the adventures of “a demon-hunting soccer mom.” It was No. 1 in amazon’s Christian Fantasy several weeks ago, and it was No. 1 yesterday. It must be selling quite well.

Thing is, the theology is off. It seems there’s this secret Vatican unit whose mission is to hunt down and destroy demons: otherwise demons will take over the world, and that’ll be curtains for the human race.

Huh? What? You mean the bad guys really can rub out the human race, after Jesus Christ, the Son of God, went to so much trouble to redeem us? And, like, forget the absolute sovereignty of God–we can only be saved by these Vatican Navy Seals’ mastery of really cool martial arts skills?

I daresay the difference between right Christian doctrine and almost-Christian belief is as wide as the gulf between life and death.

Life lesson: Just because somebody says it’s “Christian fantasy” doesn’t mean it is.

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