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Mark Rushdoony: ‘Christian Reconstruction and Our Small Part in a Big Idea’

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Mark Rushdoony’s piece, in our current Arise & Build newsletter, offers wisdom.


For instance, “Addressing our national debt and fiat money is not within our reach as individuals but getting out of debt is. This small step can empower you now.” You may not be able to do the really big things; but doing what you can do is important, too.

Even more succinctly: “Our part of the future is the mess in front of us.” And really, that ought to be a big enough mess for anyone.

Often enough our part in God’s plan seems small and insignificant. But that’s how it seems to us, not Him. Only God sees the whole picture; and His hand is always on the tiller.

‘Actions vs. Academics’

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Mark Rushdoony wrote this for our Chalcedon newsletter, Arise & Build, January 2020.


The church’s besetting sin today, Mark observes, is disobedience: they don’t keep God’s commandments, but rather indulge in disobedience in their day-to-day lives, never giving it a thought. They’re good at studying theology, though. Ask them about any 16th-century religious controversy, and they’re good to go. But how that helps anyone today is anybody’s guess.

“Faith must result in faithfulness,” Mark says–not in terms of a “works salvation” (do so many good works of a particular nature, and you’ve earned your way into heaven), but a “working faith” that puts God’s word into practice.

Or, as Jesus Himself said, “Occupy until I come.”

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