Art Fourjarie ‘For’ Socile Jutstus!!!!

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Ya know waht?? Socile Jutstus it “cowsts” a Lot “of” monny!!! Yiu got to Ghet the Pro-testers to ware “The” Pro-test is!!!! That menes plains and tranes and bussses and Cars!! and aslo yiu Mite whant themb “To” staye in a Moe-tell iff “Its” coaled or raning!!!!

We has to raze Monny and aslo we whant to Hert Strate Wite Cappatullist Maile Opressers!!!!!!! And we jist fownded Out that yiu can reelly hert themb Whith Art Fourjarie!! That menes coppy-ing a famis wherk Of “art” and selling It “to” a Opressser foar Lots “of” Dollers!!!! And then layter thay fined Out thay ownly “got a” Coppy Ha-ha-Ha!!!! Boy woont “thay” feeel lyke idjits!!!

We hadded a spacial meting “of” The Stoodint Soviet to deside witch reel Expensiff Paynting we shood Forje!!! Affter lots “of” debait, we desided to forge The Sixteen Chapple!!!!! It is a very Famis Paynting by Mikle Jell-O it is in Roam oar somb-plaice,, we Can coppy it And sell “it!”!”!” Heer is waht It loocks lyke!

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As yiu can see fromb the pixture On Top “of” this heer Artycal, we has got Somb reely Grate Artissts at Our Collidge,, it wood Be “eezy” for themb to coppy that stopid Sixteen Chapple!!! Then all we got “to doo” Is sell It to somb Greeedy Cappatullist!!!!!

I amb stil Trying “to” fyned Out if we has to “Give” 10 persent % to The Big Gye Jobydin!@!!!!!!!!