‘Progressive’ Poll: People Don’t Like ‘Progressive’ Policies

The Reliably Racist Cherry-Picking of the Word “Riot” – Mother Jones

“Progressive agenda” in action!

From open borders to Critical Race Theory, from Transgender to high taxes, from identity politics to unlimited abortion… most people just don’t like “progressive” policies–according to a poll of 60,000 voters taken by a bunch of libs at the Winning Jobs Narrative Project (https://freebeacon.com/latest-news/progressive-pollster-finds-that-people-oppose-progressive-policies/).

Well, duhhhh! People don’t like those policies? Schiff, you could’ve knocked me over with a feather!

The pollsters warn their “progressive” clients that they’ll have to start sounding more like Republicans or they’re going to get clobbered in the next election.

The pollsters swear they’re dedicated to “advancing a progressive agenda.” How? By lying about it? By springing it on the public only after they’re elected? Nowhere do they offer a hint as to just what, exactly, a “progressive agenda” is. Because they know they have to keep quiet about that!

I can understand how they might be a little bit confused. After all, Far Left Crazies own the federal government, the schools and colleges, Blue states (lock, stock, and barrel), Hollywood, the nooze media, and have plenty of their stooges in office everywhere, working for the progressive agenda and turning the country into a basket case. How do they achieve all that if the people aren’t on their side?

Do you really need anyone to answer that question for you?