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Cow Runs Away from Home… to Live with Bison

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No, this is not a supermarket tabloid story. A domestic cow has run away from home to live with a herd of European bison in Poland’s Bialowieza Forest (https://www.modernghana.com/news/830952/domesticated-cow-runs-off-to-live-with-bison-in-the-wild.html). She seems to be having a nice time of it, so far, but they want to get her back in the barn before she’s old enough to breed.

Funny things happen in this forest. The European bison, very much like our own bison, lives there now, but it used to be the last habitat of the gigantic aurochs–the wild cattle ancestral to our own, whose pictures adorn the walls of Ice Age caves. Back in the 18th century the farmers and woodsmen tried hard to save the aurochs, but it couldn’t be done.

So nobody wants this cow to get into the bisons’ gene pool, because there are not that many of them left.

But she seems in no hurry to go home!

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