Can Scientists Resurrect the Aurochs?

Return of the Aurochs | Discover Magazine

Europe’s domestic cattle are descended from the aurochs, a wild animal that died out in 1627, in a Polish forest. For some decades now, scientists have been trying to bring the aurochs back to life via back-breeding. An particularly notorious attempt was made by zoologists in the the Third Reich, resulting in sort-of/kind-of pseudo-aurochs called “Heck Cattle.”

Well, at least we know what the aurochs looked like, because our ancestors painted its picture on the walls of caves. Julius Caesar and other ancient writers described the aurochs’ size, strength, and speed. But by 1627 there were only a few of them left. The local people tried to save them, but at last a winter came that took away the last of the mighty aurochs.

We also have aurochs skeletons.

Aurochs | extinct mammal | Britannica

So… We have skeletons, we have pictures drawn from life, written descriptions, and many domestic breeds of cattle with aurochs DNA in them. And there are still projects ongoing to breed cattle back to the aurochs.

Can this ever succeed? Will it usher in an age of restoring colossal prehistoric animals?

And just how badly do we want that?

How Nasty Are We?

Ethical Problems - The Milgram Experiment

Have you ever heard of the Milgram shock experiment?

From 1961 to 1963 at Yale, Dr. Milgram experimented to see how far ordinary people would go to obey authority ( Participants were told they had to give electric shocks to a “learner” every time he gave a wrong answer, and to increase the intensity of the shock with each wrong answer. (It was all make-believe, but they didn’t know that.) The shocks went up to 375 volts (“severe”) to 450 (XXX).

65% of the “teachers” took the voltage all the way up to 450.

100% went as high as 300.

No one refused to administer electric shocks.

In one of the variations of the experiment, obedience to the “order” to administer shocks declined sharply when the “scientific authority” (actor in a lab coat) wasn’t present.

What does this tell us about ordinary people and perceived authority? Dr. Milgram said his purpose was to explore why the insane “orders” of Nazi war criminals were carried out by supposedly normal people.

It seems “ordinary people” are not as nice as they should be.

If we truly believed God’s authority was supreme over all others, then would we not refuse to harm others, despite “orders” to hurt them? Would tyrants have the power that they have, if no one would carry out their orders?

But I remember grade school, and the teacher saving herself work by having us grade each other’s spelling quizzes. Boy, do kids like to mark down other kids! And just give some child the “authority” to hand out detention to others, and see what happens. So the Milgram experiment held no surprises for me. Because I remember school.

Baby = ‘Donated Tissue’

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The monsters aren’t in the movies anymore…

With Democrats nationwide diving on board the late-term abortion bandwagon like it was an extra Christmas, the British news media–not ours–report the harvesting of parts from aborted babies for grafting onto mice (

Uh, why would they want to do that? Oh, the same reason that they give for all these bizarre experiments: “a bid to stamp out diseases and save millions of people.” Except for the babies who get aborted. They don’t get saved.

The way this works is, after you womens-health your baby, you donate it as “tissue” for research and Planned Parenthood or Frankenstein Inc. or whoever sells the dead baby, or its body parts, to the government. Then glands and liver tissue get transplanted into a baby mouse so that they will replace the mouse’s natural immune system with an artificial human-like immune system. Those mice can then be experimented upon as if they were human–experiments that it would not be legal to perform on humans.

President Donald Trump’s administration has recently suspended the government’s purchase of dead baby parts, pending the resolution of ethical questions.

Libs and “progressives” and Democrats of all conditions are coming more and more to resemble and function as a tribe of cannibals. Let’s hope the program stays suspended–albeit the next Democrat administration (and God forbid there ever is one) will reactivate the program as quick as boiled asparagus.