Feds Go to War Against ‘The Gender Binary’

So you think all that stupid psycho garbage is confined to the colleges and universities?


It always oozes out into the national life, costing untold millions of dollars and making a shambles of the American character. I wonder if the whole point of it is to set up a society that can easily be conquered by Islam.

And so the U.S. Dept. of Labor has gotten into the act, unveiling a new proposal to re-do all its documents and posters–at a cost of several million dollars–to… are you sitting down?–“to avoid the gender binary” ( http://www.nationalreview.com/article/430379/department-labor-anti-discrimination-he-she-pronouns ).

As taught by drooling idiots in colleges throughout the land, the use of the ordinary pronouns “he” and “she” has become taboo. So all the USDL’s printed material must be reprinted, to replace the offending pronouns with gender-neutral language.

What do you want to bet there are more asinine regulations protecting so-called “transgender persons,” and more public statements praising them, than there actually are “transgendered” individuals?

This is the United States government, with our tax dollars, getting involved in academic flim-flam. Removing ordinary English pronouns from all posters in all Labor Dept. facilities–you won’t believe this–is going to provide “an important benefit to society,” according to a Labor Dept. spokesidiot. Oh, really? And what benefit is that?

Anyhow, said the spokesmoron, this expensive and time-consuming project is necessary to reflect “our commitment to diversity.”

The bacillus of Political Correctness aka horseshit always escapes from the colleges and universities to pollute the real world.

It is to our shame that we are governed by such people as this.