Globalist Brew: It’s Poison

The Dark, Magical and Mysterious Power of Poison | WNYC News | WNYC

[I’m thinking of expanding this into next week’s Newswithviews piece.]

Later this month the globalist coven will gather at Davos for their annual wingding, brewing up misery for the normal people of this fallen world.

They add the ingredients one at a time; and if you add ’em all up, it’s poison.

They want to take things from us. Things like gas stoves, privately-owned cars, privately-owned homes, our means of self-defense… and anything else they happen to think of. “You will own nothing–and you’ll be happy.” That’s their pitch. If it appeals to you, there’s something wrong with you.

They mean to take our children and erase our families. Public education now consists of stocking school libraries with pornography, presenting drag queens as children’s entertainment, selling transgender for all they’re worth–“What makes you so sure you’re a boy? Wouldn’t you be happier as a girl? We can make it happen!”

If this package is not satanic, what is?

There are those who are fighting back. They need and deserve our full support.

Appeal to the righteous Judge of all the earth–and resist.

Don’t be on the wrong side when the saints go marching in.