Is Target the Next Bud Lite?

Target to move Pride merch to back of stores to avoid 'Bud Light situation': report

When crazed leftids say “love,” make sure your kids are miles away.

Suddenly it dawned on the upper management of Target; and as quick as a wink, managers of Target stores were getting frantic phone calls–“You’ve got 36 hours to move all that Sex-for-Children merchandise to the back of the store where the plebs won’t see it!” (

Really, it’s like Bud Lite never happened, even though it still is happening and the tranny beer’s sales keep shrinking. Despite this extremely well-known fiasco, somebody at Target decided they needed a whole line of LGBT-themed clothes for very young children–can you say “groomers”?

So if Tranny Beer hadn’t been shot out of the sky by a massive boycott, I guess Target would’ve gone right ahead pushing groomer goods for the kiddies. Why? That’s what I want to know. Why do corporations dive into the Woke tar-pit, when they can hardly avoid knowing that the public doesn’t like it? “Let’s blow off normal people and go for the pervert market–it’s the demographic of the future!” Is that what they’re thinking?

Target needs to do more than just move its groomer goods to the back of the store.

How about a nice bonfire, just to show sincerity?