R-Rated News: Bernie Sanders

The only thing that’s changed is his hair.

Warning: The following news item may be offensive to some readers. If you think this is raunchy, you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff I have chosen not to post today. No, you just would not believe it.

Did you know that cancer in women can be caused by not having enough orgasms? (There, I’ve said it.)

OK, it’s hogwash. But it’s hogwash that was being sold years ago by a man trying to become our president today–Senator Bernie Sanders, the avowed socialist joke candidate who had to lose six consecutive coin-flips this week in the Iowa caucus before he was edged out by Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt woman in the Western hemisphere. Maybe in the world.

Back in the 1970s when he was beginning his political career, young radical Sanders wrote that not having had enough orgasms could cause cancer in women ( http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/04/us/politics/bernie-sanderss-revolutionary-roots-were-nurtured-in-60s-vermont.html ). In fact, he wrote a lot of crazy things back then. As opposed to the crazy things he’s writing and saying now.

Why have I drawn your attention to this?

Because we should all consider very carefully the moral caliber of the individuals who aspire to rule, govern, lord it over our country. One of them will be chosen this year. Millions of Americans have already decided to vote for Sanders, who has had some 40 years to change his spots, but hasn’t, or Clinton, who is nothing but spots.

These are the kinds of persons God appoints to chastise us for sinning against Him–for our ingratitude, our fat-headed pride, our consuming sloth… not to mention our continuing efforts to turn the country into a sexually perverted theme park for lazy and immoral bastards.

Turn back to God, and He will turn to you.