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Introducing: The Cuscus

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I’ve wondered about this animal ever since I saw it in a picture book when I was six or seven years old. It’s called a cuscus–“common spotted cuscus,” if you want to be formal–and it’s hard to look up in the Internet because the computer keeps trying to direct you to “couscous,” which is something altogether different.

The cuscus lives in trees in the jungles of New Guinea and mostly comes out at night, when it’s difficult to see them: they’re very shy. There are also a few in Cape York, Australia. They have prehensile tails, very similar to a chameleon’s.

Byron the Quokka has been dropping subtle hints about being able to do his contest-runner job better if a cuscus might be hired to assist him. “You just want more pictures of cute animals to pump up viewership,” I parry. “So that’s a bad idea?” Well, he’s got me there. Anyway, if you can’t trot out a cuscus or a potto now and then, what’s the point of blogging?

Fantastically varied realms of nature brought to you by God the Father, who created it all.

‘The Incredible Walking Worm’ (2016)

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Here’s a walking worm… walking.

Let’s re-visit this Mr. Nature outing, shall we? No one’s going to fight over this (famous last words).


The Peripatus, the “walking worm,” is one of those way cool little animals that most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are never going to encounter, even on a lucky day.

I wonder if an encounter with a walking worm would make it a lucky day.

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