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German Gov’t to People: ‘Defend Yourselves’ ; People to Gov’t: ‘With What?’

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A report issued by the German Interior Minister warns of “existence-threatening developments in the future”–without saying what those might be–and warns the German people to stockpile food supplies and be prepared to defend themselves ( http://yournewswire.com/germany-on-the-brink-government-urges-citizens-to-stockpile-up/ ).

Uh, dude! Like, man, you took away our guns and said we couldn’t have ’em anymore… and, like, my kung-fu was never all that great…

One can hardly help suspecting that this might be in some way related to the German government’s obstinate insistence on bringing millions of Muslim “refugees” into the country–persons who come from an alien and violent culture, who have boldly made known their intention to destroy the host country’s way of life, and have already subjected the nation to a crime wave unprecedented in most Germans’ lifetimes. The Merkel regime has declared that nothing, but nothing, will cause it to waver from this course. Apparently Ms. Merkel seeks to atone personally and single-handedly for the crimes of the Third Reich. By making everybody else atone.

So now they want you to defend yourselves–with harsh language? rude hand gestures?–and stockpile at least ten days’ worth of food. And if you’re living in a wee bed-sitter with no room for a stockpile of anything, or if your electricity conks out and all your food goes bad–well, hey, that’s a small price to pay for making Ms. Angela feel righteous.

The chief responsibility of government is to protect its people from harm. If it cannot or will not perform that function, it has no reason for existing. This would include refraining from insane policies that expose the people to harm.

The Merkel Reich refuses to fulfill its basic duty.

It has no business running Germany.

Germany: Muslim Refugees Abuse Christian Refugees

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As Angela Merkel continues on her merry way to destroy Germany, the word is out that in Germany’s nice utopian camps for “asylum seekers,” the Muslim majority abuses, bullies, and menaces the Christian minority–to the extent that Christians have to hide their Bibles and put up with repeated death threats ( http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/08/11/germany-christians-hide-bibles-muslim-violence/ ).

This is the same Germany whose government outlaws Christian homeschooling on the grounds that they don’t want Christians creating some kind of “parallel culture” apart from the secular Euro-slop consumed by the rest of the country. Is it so surprising that this Germany shows no sign of caring what Muslims do to Christians?

And if the ol’ shari’a “law” is not a parallel culture, what is?

Merkel seems determined to jam into Germany as many Muslims as she possibly can. What the end result of that will be, who knows? Apparently it doesn’t concern her.

Do the Merkelites really, truly think they can keep this behavior confined to the refugee camps? The world already knows they can’t! Remember the New Year’s Eve rape festival in Cologne?

Germans will pay a very high price for their leaders’ desire to look at themselves in the mirror and say, “How righteous I am!”

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