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China Warms U.S.: Don’t Elect Trump

How about that? The world’s largest remaining communist country–in fact, China’s more fascist than communist, anymore, but they do still have that hammer and sickle on their stationery–has warned the American people not to elect Donald Trump as president, or else.

An editorial in the Chinese government-controlled Global News compares Trump to Mussolini and Hitler–but Chairman Mao was worse than either of those two–calls him “racist and extremist,” is really, really mad at him for promising to retaliate against China’s currency manipulating practices, and wraps it up by calling him a “rich narcissist.” Well, we’re sorry, comrades, but we can’t seem to get any poor narcissists to run for president. But you don’t seem to mind the narcissist we’ve got right now.

Now, does all this work out to a roundabout Red Chinese endorsement of some other candidate? Which one do they want to be president, and why don’t they just come right out and say so? Come on–which of the other candidates gets that coveted Communist Chinese endorsement?

What? We don’t need a Red Chinese endorsement, when we’ve already got the New York Times?

Hey, maybe we could whip up a quick treaty that says no future president of the United States can be inaugurated without Red Chinese approval.

I know, I know–don’t give the Democrats ideas.

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