Guess Who’s Producing ‘Critical Race Theory’ Video!

IPAC ready to confront and contain harm to mankind caused by Communist Party of China - The Sunday Guardian Live

We’re doing this because we love you, America!

You’d think a country that actually has concentration camps for its racial minorities, and round-the-clock surveillance for everybody else, would be embarrassed to call another country “racist.”

But if you thought that, you’d be wrong.

The Chinese Global Television Network, owned by the Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda Dept.–hey, at least they’re honest about having a propaganda department: we call ours “the mainstream news”–has created Critical Race Theory video for broadcast on America’s airwaves (

Hypocritical Race Theory–let’s call it what it is–teaches that all white people are evil racists, America is an evil racist country that deserves taking down, etc., etc. Meanwhile China’s Muslim Uighurs languish in concentration camps until they’re murdered so their organs can be harvested and sold to rich people who don’t care where they came from.

The video teaches that it’s not enough just to be “not racist,” ’cause that just supports the status quo; you have to be “anti-racist.” That is, you have to admit that you, your family, your country, your church are all no-good stinkin’ racists and need to be punished for it. Liberals actually believe this.

Now, why would communist China want to get involved in America’s struggles with Hypocritical Race Theory? Why would Red China want to spread that theory?

If you answered “Because they love us and want to help,” you are a kook.