So Where’s the Christmas Candy?!?

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Grrr…! Lemme get this off my chest.

I love seasonal candies. I love Christmas candy. So today I went out to Walgreen’s to get some. Several traffic jams and detours later, I arrive to discover that there is no Christmas candy for sale at Walgreen’s this year. There is only chocolate. You know–like anybody can get, every single day of the year.

Oh! But it’s got special Christmas wrapping! I do resent being taken for that big a butterball.

I complained to the store manager. “Look! It’s only chocolate. It doesn’t matter what color wrapping it has! There’s nothing seasonal about it. ”

“But they only stock us with what everybody is buying,” was his comeback. Could it possibly be that people are buying chocolate because there is nothing but chocolate to buy? That seems not to have occurred to him.

Then I drove home through the traffic jams amid the wilderness of McMansions that used to be some rather lovely country, until Democrats got hold of it.