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Old-Fashioned Christmas Candy | Wisconsin Cheeseman

I love classic Christmas candy, both hard and filled–but lotsa luck trying to buy any in the store.

With the exception of candy canes, which may well be made in China and therefor not appealing to me… everything is chocolate! It’s the exact same chocolate I can get on any day of the year. All they do is change the wrappers. Grrr!

I finally found some today in Walgreen’s: Nice! (store brand) Old-Fashioned Mix. But it didn’t say on the package where it was made, so I had to call corporate HQ customer service to find out. After a computer search that proved more extensive than I would have ever expected, the rep discovered that these candies are made right here in the USA. Perfect! I can buy them and enjoy them.

But what’s with all those other stores? Nothing but chocolate? I don’t like all this conformity! And I’ll just betcha all those companies involved have some kind of stupid “diversity officer.” But no diversity on the shelves!

And now I must calm down.

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  1. Yes, I also love that old-fashioned Christmas candy. My dad was Mr. Christmas and kept the traditions going every year. The above-named Christmas candy, ribbon candy, clear toy candies, candy canes all were part of the Christmas tradition at our home. Dad would also buy a bag of mixed nuts that needed to be cracked open. On Christmas Day he would spread out the nuts on my grandmother’s silver bread tray and put it on the coffee table in the living room. Throughout the day he’d work on cracking those nuts for us and for mom and himself. The Christmas candy would only be touched after supper.

  2. My father-in-law loved that hard candy. He ordered it from catalogues from American companies. It is hard for me to imagine Christmas without a lot of chocolate. Today my wife made up a batch of her Fantasy Fudge – yum, yum good! We also get See’s Chocolates every year for Christmas presents.

  3. Now you intrigue me. I’m going to look for those Christmas candies when I go shopping today and tomorrow.

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