‘Why I Don’t Believe in Global Warming’ (2014)

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(Update: Our Christmas weekend weather forecast calls for intense cold like you wouldn’t believe. 99% of scientists believe it’s caused by Democrats not having more of your money.)

Remember when they used to call it “Global Warming,” but had to re-label it as “Climate Change” because sometimes it got colder and their “scientific” predictions didn’t come true?

In this post from eight years ago, you’ll meet some Climbit Poobah die-hards who will never give up on “99% of all scientists” etc., etc. Every lie in the book, they fervently believe.

Why I Don’t Believe in Global Warming

You hardly ever hear “Global Warming” anymore; “Climate Change” has replaced it as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I think of the fools in the Roman Senate who hailed Caligula as a god…

Oh, Boy! ‘Climate Justice!’

10 Photos of President Mugabe's Mansion in Zimbabwe

What “foreign aid” bought for Zimbabwe–the Presidential Palace!

The United Nations Dictators’ Club wants the “rich” countries to fork over $2 trillion a year to pay for “climate justice” and, ultimately, “climate reparations” (https://www.breitbart.com/environment/2022/11/08/u-n-tells-rich-countries-to-pay-2-trillion-a-year-for-climate-justice/).

Gee, where do we line up to pay? “We’re glad you asked that! Well, there is going to be transfers of funds to… poor countries! Oh–and China will be exempt from having to pay.”

Ah. “Poor countries.” The main thing that makes countries poor is bad government. Evil government is even worse. So what we are proposing here is massive handouts to totally corrupt Third World dictators who will spend the money on themselves. We only say this because this is what always happens.

If America had any self-respect, we’d quit the U.N. and kick their headquarters out of New York.