‘No, New York Has Not Become Daytona Beach’ (2015)

HD wallpaper: Lonely palm tree, tropical, beach, coast, sea ...

New York in 2015… according to “Science”

The 2024 presidential election season seems far away just now; but it’ll be here before you know it. We have only a little time to guess what kind of disaster the Democrats will invoke to swing the election their way. They can’t go back to COVID-19, can they?

No, New York Has Not Become Daytona Beach

They seem to be pumping up “Climate Change” as the next boogieman that’ll require us to vote by mail, etc. The fact that “Global Warming” predictions have always been sheer ca-ca is never mentioned. 

Governed by idiots and crooks who hate us, despise us, and want to drink our blood and our liberty…