Columbus Teachers Strike (Mo’ Money!)

Columbus Prepares for What Could Be First Teachers' Strike ...

School’s just about to start, and the Columbus, Ohio, teachers are on strike ( The union, Columbus Education [sic] Assn., has rejected the school board’s latest offer.

They want smaller class sizes (more teachers = more money), a cap on the number of class periods during the day (less work), air conditioning (already promised by the board), and more specialized teachers (more money) for art, music, etc.

And it’s all for the kiddies, of course! As one union spokesbiped said, “Not striking hurts the children…” Honk if you believe that for one nanosecond.

No one seems to be mentioning the curriculum. Is it the same ol’ mix of racial paranoia, Critical Race Theory, transgender, and “gay studies”?

My wife has it figured out. “Happy teachers are good teachers, and more money makes the teachers happy. Presto! Education happens!”

Let’s see how many parents finally wake up and opt for homeschooling. Let the union “teach” to empty classrooms.