Is ‘Education’ Really Going Crazy?

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Is it us, finally seeing what was there all along? Or has “education” really and truly run right off the rails in just the past few years?

I pose that as a question to my readers. What do you think? ‘Cause I can’t quite decide what I think. Sometimes one way, sometimes the other, and sometimes both.

They are pushing “transgender” like they’ve gotta get it done or die tomorrow. They are fomenting racial animosities. They are grooming children, some of them as young as kindergarten, for sex. Crikey! What kind of people have they got coming out of the teachers’ colleges? And who’s teaching them?

It has begun to spill over into religious schools. But the public schools are lost, broken beyond repair. As long as teachers’ unions stand in the way, the schools will never be fixed–not even a band-aid. Our only practical alternative is homeschooling. Pull the kids out and watch the public schools go bust. Convert the buildings to some other use. Let the former teachers’ union wackos pump gas or sweep the floor at the 7-11.

Yes. I’m afraid “education” really is as bad as it looks.

Teacher… Uh… Bites Students

New alma mater for this high school–theme from Jaws

Somehow nothing like this ever happened when I was in high school.

A teacher at a Florida high school–see? even in a Red state, your kids are not safe from public “educators”–has been placed on paid administrative leave (they never get fired) for… oh, boy… biting two students (

Seems the Educator took a jar of pickles from the school store without paying for it, and when the two kids minding the store tried to take it back… she bit them.

(“Well, I heard they hadn’t had a bite in three days–so I bit them.”)

She admits to having “licked” the students. Oh, well, schiff, that makes a big difference, doesn’t it?

What does a public school teacher have to do, to be fired outright? Commit suicide?

Hey, out there! How many of you were ever bitten by one of your high school teachers? Honk if you’ve been licked. (Silence…)

Complete the sentence without having conniptions and win a tin foil hat! “I send my children to public school to be ‘educated’ by out-to-lunch kid-biting wackos from the teachers’ union because __________.”

Come on, there’s got to be a reason for it.

Colorado Teachers Stage Sickout

New Jersey school district closes doors after foodborne outbreak | Food  Safety News

More than 1,000 teachers in Douglas County called in sick last week to protest relatively conservative policies of new school board members elected in November (

The “teachers” were upset that the new school board intended to end mask mandates, fire the superintendent (which they did two days ago), and change the old board’s Far Left Stupid “equity” policies. Did they expect their “protest” to annul the school board elections? Or was this just to show the taxpayers who’s boss?

A point to remember: Public education is owned by Far Left teachers’ unions, who are determined to indoctrinate children into asinine, insane, and evil beliefs. They will not stop. They will not compromise.

And another point to remember: Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

Chicago Teachers Back on Strike

Thousands of Chicago teachers go on strike after failing to reach contract deal - ABC News

Honk if you think teachers’ unions have been good for America. The aides in the white coats will by with you as soon as possible.

Say! Is that the same Chicago Teachers’ Union that sent a delegation to Venezuela several years ago… to “learn more” about socialism? And pay homage to Hugo Chavez? Why, I believe it is.

The union has just voted, by 73%, to go back on strike all throughout the city. All the kiddies will have to go back on “remote learning.”

They’re pretty serious about this strike: a delegate has threatened to “report” any “dissenters” who showed up for work. He has not gotten around to saying what will happen to dissenters.

Yo, people of Chicago! They keep opening the door of escape for you, and you don’t go through! This is your chance to free yourselves from the Far Left Crazy toxic foolery that we call “public education.” Come on! Do you really want your kids “educated” by these wackos? Those “teachers” hate you, hate your country, hate your way of life–you should be encouraging them to strike all year. These commies belong in front of empty classrooms, teaching empty seats and collecting empty paychecks.

We have never before been shown the heights and the depths of wicked ignorance as our teachers’ unions–and school boards!–have demonstrated in just the last two years. We had no idea how bad it was!

But that excuse ain’t workin’ anymore.

‘SF Teachers: Teach the Kiddies That Hillary Won’ (2016)

See the source image

Back when you were in school, did any of your teachers ever “teach” you anything that they knew to be false? Well, okay, as a kid you wouldn’t have caught them at it. But I have met teachers who admit to teaching falsehoods. “If it makes the kids feel better about themselves,” they add.

And here are the unionized teachers in San Francisco in 2016, trying to “teach” children that Hillary Clinton was president: “Don’t teach them that we LOST,” says the teachers’ guide. Waddaya mean, “we”?

SF Teachers: Teach the Kiddies That Hillary Won

So, for those afflicted with amnesia, Donald Trump did not invent refusing to accept election results. In fact, Democrats NEVER accept it when they lose.

Well, this is what you get when you mix Far Left politics with leftist wacko public schools.

But get rid of the schools, and the Far Left Crazy dies.

Wacko Leftid High School Teacher: Canned

WATCH: Utah Teacher Goes on Threatening Political Rant Against Students Who  Do Not Agree With Far-Left Ideology | [your]NEWS

A chemistry teacher who two days ago went on a Far Left Crazy rant in her classroom, and was captured on a student’s video camera, “is no longer employed” there, school officials have announced ( The video is embedded in the Fox News story.

This was at Lehi High School in Utah’s Alpine School District. The “teacher” was also the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance adviser.

(Hint: If your school has a Gay-Straight Alliance… Well, what do you expect?)

So what did the teacher say that got her canned in just two days? Usually a public school teacher has to commit suicide, to actually lose her job.

These were her major points: One: You’re smarter than your dumb and stupid parents; Two: I hate Donald Trump; Three: You’re “pathetic” if you don’t believe in Climbit Change; Four: Say even one discouraging word about LGBTQ-etc. “and I will make your life a living hell.”

How many others like this do they employ in the Alpine School District?

If you think your schools are safe for your children because you live in a red state, like Utah, think again: because all the public schools in all 50 states are dominated by the far-left teachers’ unions. I’m amazed this yobb got fired. I couldn’t make out the words on the video; they must’ve been pretty hot.

‘When All Else Fails, Exploit the Children’ (2018)

Image result for images of children begging

For a bunch of abortion-happy gender-changing weirdos, liberals outdo the world in paying lip service to “the children.” All those schemes to grow the government–“It’s for the children!” Every little freedom that they take away from you–“It’s for the children!” The ones they haven’t eaten yet.

When All Else Fails, Exploit the Children

As a reporter, I covered several teachers’ strikes. Every time the going got tough, the union would hide behind “the children.” Most sickening sight. They were never honest enough to admit they just wanted more money.

Teacher Union Sues Mom… for Asking Question

Big Pile Of The Money. Dollars Usa Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free  Image. Image 5756769.

When a mother in South Kingston, Rhode Island, asked to see a copy of the curriculum that her 5-year-old child would be taught in kindergarten, the National Education Assn. and its local branch swung into action.

The parent has been served with a lawsuit and billed $74,000 to fulfill her public records request (

Charging exorbitant fees to examine public documents is a frequent government dodge intended to keep the plebs from getting nosy. We do wonder why it’s still allowed. Public records that can’t be examined by the public aren’t very public, are they?

It is believed that the teachers’ union in South Kingston has stonewalled because they don’t want the public finding out they’re using the people’s tax dollars to “teach” Hypocritical Race Theory and transgenderism. The mother has made over 200 requests for curriculum matter and been turned down every time.

Again, this is a regular practice of public education, to keep the public in the dark.

America is “educating” itself to death, and the very least we should expect is the right to know what the hell they teach our children. (I say “the hell” because that’s where some of these so-called lessons come from.)

The system is broken; public education is too far gone to be reformed. We must withdraw our children from the public schools and watch the system die–and the teachers’ unions with it.

Teachers’ Unions Doubling Down on Far Left Politics

Here's Why So Many Striking Teachers Wear Red - Racked

Unionized teachers in all their communist glory

Oh, let’s do some nooze…

A former official of the teachers’ union in Los Angeles, United Teachers of L.A. (UTLA), is suing the union for dues it collected from him after he resigned from the union (

Why did he resign?

Because the union has come to devote most of its efforts and resources to advancing Far Left politics–including “defund the police” and “the fight for trans lives,” blah-blah, etc., etc. And, of course, promoting the powder keg of “systemic racism” (translation: all white people are guilty!).

Last year unions like UTLA spent almost $800 million on politics, 90% of which went to–you guessed it!–Democrats. With overall union membership declining nationwide, half the union members in America now hold government jobs. Nothin’ wrong here. Big unions and big government: perfect together.

And they want those dues to keep coming in so they can keep on handing out money to every Far Left group who has a hand stretched out for it.

This is war, folks; and if we lose it, we lose our country. I can’t even imagine what kind of hell-hole they want to “transform” America into–and I don’t want to find out. Ever.

How Did We Lose Our Schools?

How teachers unions affect school district spending, student achievement

Sometimes you get involved with everyday life and you don’t notice certain things that are going on around you–mostly because, at this point in time, they don’t affect you, personally. By the time you do notice them, all you can say is “What? How did that happen?”

Exiting the 1960s, communities owned the schools that served them. There were already a few rough spots, but not much to worry about.

But by the time we got out of the 1970s, we had a U.S. Dept. of Education, state departments of education, politically powerful teacher unions… and we didn’t own our schools. Presto! The people who pay for the whole business have lost their ownership rights! Now you see ’em, now you don’t.

I remember, in the 60s, a few times the local school board tried to get frisky with sex education. Parents thronged their meetings to straighten them out. The board always backed down. They had to. Ultimately, the community’s voters were the highest authority. You couldn’t hire people they didn’t want to teach, and couldn’t peddle stuff they didn’t want being taught.

In the mid-70s “directives” started coming down from Trenton; and again, presto! The local school board, elected by the community that paid for the schools, had no choice but to obey the state. So when the state said “Sex ed now,” the board could only say, “Yes, master.”

And somehow the people stopped coming to the meetings to object, stopped paying attention… The local school boards had been transformed into rubber stamps for the state and federal governments. School board elections featured extremely low turnouts–because it didn’t matter who you elected!

The things that are routinely “taught” and done in public schools today would have been impossible, unthinkable, in 1965. Teacher strikes? Hah–not legal. Preaching hatred of America? Not on your life: they’d run you out of town.

What a hustle this turned out to be. We still pay for it, 100%, but we have zero ownership rights. And most people don’t bother anymore. They say “It’s free,” because the money is sucked straight out of their taxes and they don’t have to write a check. “It’s free.” Hot dog.

If there is any single thing chiefly responsible for the ruin of our country, it would have to be what we laughingly call our public education system. Carve it on our nation’s tombstone: “Educated themselves to death.”

And I haven’t even mentioned the monumental damage done by our, um, colleges and universities. My blood pressure won’t stand it.