Planned Parenthood and the Babies That They Don’t Abort

These are not ordinary lollipops. These are “condom lollipops,” or “edible condoms,” of the kind handed out by Planned Parenthood to kids in public schools. Bon appetite.

It has never been Planned Parenthood’s plan to abort every baby. If they did that, they’d eventually have to go out of business–no one left to abort.

So what do they have in mind for the babies who never have a date with the abortionist? Well, that’s where Planned Parenthood’s role as the nation’s leading purveyor of “sex education” comes in.

The idea is that the live babies are to grow up to become customers of Planned Parenthood ( see, for instance, ). Everybody knows this except the nooze media. And our public educators conceal it from the public.

Do you know what Planned Parenthood “sex educators” do? Betcha don’t. But one of the things they do is to hand out “condom lollipops,” aka “edible condoms,” to children. More specifically, to the children of those parents who obstinately ignore all the news and all the warnings and just keep on sending their kids to public school because it gets the little blighters out of their hair for the day and, besides, they think that public school is “free” because it’s paid for out of your taxes instead of obliging you to write a check.

Come to think of it, every year Congress hands over to Planned Parenthood some half a billion of your tax dollars.

I wonder how much PP spends on edible condoms.

Think there’s no such thing? Just search for “condom lollipops” and see how many hits you get.

Planned Parenthood, public education, the nooze media, pwogwessive judges, etc., are all big-time culture-wreckers.

But any list of culture-killers must include the parents who send their kids off to the other culture-killers to be “educated.”