Cornell Profs: ‘Hire No Republicans’

If you’re spending big bucks to send your kid to college, you ought to know what you’re getting for it.

Professors at Cornell University have called for the school to make it a policy not to hire Republicans ( ). The Cornell faculty is already 96 percent Democrat, so it would not seem the university is hiring a lot of Republicans.

But in the interests of Diversity, that nagging 4 percent must be weeded out.

An English prof and a Poli Sci prof say there shouldn’t be any Republicans teaching at Cornell because Republicans are “anti-science.” That means they don’t believe in Global Warming.

Someone out there keeps guffawing at the idea of an English professor deciding what ought to be the standards for professors of the various sciences.  Actually, almost anything that almost any English professor has to say is funny.

In these hatcheries of Stalinism, the colleges and universities of the Western world, uniformity of thought–“Diversity”–is highly prized and much sought-after. As the Cornell profs observe, where is the university obligated to trot out every inane and ridiculous point of view? It’s all they can do just to keep on presenting the one inane and ridiculous point of view every single day.

My old alma mater, Rutgers, comes right out in its student guide and says there’s no such thing as free speech, so you’d better watch what you say.

College and university–the perfect tool for making small minds even smaller.