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Quick Question!

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Assuming they can somehow hammer out the legislation without it turning into a massive liberal potlatch for corrupt labor unions, the abortion industry, and socialist revolutionaries… what’s all this about the federal government going to “give” us a trillion dollars to help us live through the Chinese Death Monster epidemic?

Question! Where did all that money come from?

Answer: from us! We worked for it. We earned it. We, the American people. It’s our money. The government has only proposed to give a chunk of it back to us, after they got it from us in the first place in the form of fees and taxes. They aren’t really “giving” us anything.

Not that we’re allowed to hold our money back if we don’t want what the government is selling. Try that and see what happens to you.

Can we at least grant the reality that the government has no money of its own, produces no money of its own, and is utterly dependent upon the people for its very existence? Can we at least rid ourselves of a notion that is, at very best, a kind of cockeyed feudalism?

Then, maybe, at least our conversation about the money will make sense. That money does not come raining down from the sky, to fall into the lap of Congress. Unless that’s clearly understood, we’re going to get scammed repeatedly.

Dems Try to Turn Relief Bill into Socialist Grab Bag

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“Give us what we want or you’re goin’ down, America!”

If you’re wondering what’s holding up passage of the coronavirus relief package–well, it’s Democrats, of course.

First they tried to sneak public funding for abortion into it. Now they’ve got a whole wish list ( https://www.washingtonpost.com/us-policy/2020/03/23/trump-coronavirus-senate-economic-stimulus/): forcing people to join labor unions, increased fuel and emissions standards for airlines (part of the Green New Deal!), wind and solar tax credits (if it’s good for Solyndra, it’s good for the country!), and assorted Far Left goodies ranging from student debt forgiveness to a national mail-in vote in future elections.

It’s all just corrupt crap that Democrats couldn’t get done by ordinary legislation and which they know will never get done unless the American people lose their minds and let the Left run wild.

Oh! They also want $35 million for a… “performing arts center.” Gotta have some place where Harry Reid can recite his cowboy poetry.

If you need this relief check, if your family or your small business needs it, be advised: Democrats will just let you, your family, and your business go right under unless they can get their goodies.

Crush and destroy them in the next election. Before they do it to our country.

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