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Assuming they can somehow hammer out the legislation without it turning into a massive liberal potlatch for corrupt labor unions, the abortion industry, and socialist revolutionaries… what’s all this about the federal government going to “give” us a trillion dollars to help us live through the Chinese Death Monster epidemic?

Question! Where did all that money come from?

Answer: from us! We worked for it. We earned it. We, the American people. It’s our money. The government has only proposed to give a chunk of it back to us, after they got it from us in the first place in the form of fees and taxes. They aren’t really “giving” us anything.

Not that we’re allowed to hold our money back if we don’t want what the government is selling. Try that and see what happens to you.

Can we at least grant the reality that the government has no money of its own, produces no money of its own, and is utterly dependent upon the people for its very existence? Can we at least rid ourselves of a notion that is, at very best, a kind of cockeyed feudalism?

Then, maybe, at least our conversation about the money will make sense. That money does not come raining down from the sky, to fall into the lap of Congress. Unless that’s clearly understood, we’re going to get scammed repeatedly.

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  1. Yes. It’s obscene that a government that can’t keep us safe from terrorism and steals our prosperity can force us to give it $4.4 trillion every year, not including fees and taxes by other names. So $1 trillion would be about $3,000 each? So, since that’s not the figure we’re getting, who’s getting the rest? Oh that’s right – taxes. It’s a round trip!

    1. Silly Marlene, it doesn’t go to taxes. It comes from taxes and goes to pork — just as the last “stimulus” package did.

      No, wait. Silly Phoebe, it doesn’t even go to pork. It goes to our humongous mountain of debt, which means it goes to … China!

    2. Silly me – I meant that of the total package set aside for refunds is more than we’ll get and conjectured that the difference would be taken back as taxes on our gift. Nevertheless, we owe China our first borns and I just can’t figure out why. In the meantime, we’re paying billions maybe weekly, maybe monthly to the Federal Reserve in interest on the money they print for us. If we all handled our finances as shabbily as our government does we’d all be paupers – and many of us would be in jail. Some things just don’t seem legal.

    3. Ain’t that right! If we had friends, family, neighbors who treated us the way our paid-for-government treated us we’d be doing something about it – I think.

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