I Don’t Want to Write About the Nooze Today

Fires blaze on the streets of Barcelona during night of rioting by Catalan  separatists

I am just plain stuck. I feel a need to generate more blog posts, trying to pump up my viewership–and nothing comes to mind.

The thing is, there’s no nooze out there but bad nooze. Our country is a mess. We now have a Riot Party, and they want to take over. Probably by mail-in “voting.” Our professional sports leagues have sold out, 100%, to Only Black Lives Matter. Hey! When are the Biden voters going to show up in your neighborhood–and burn it down? Is Portland, Oregon, the symbol of our country’s future–if you want to call it a future?

And the hands of the clock plod inexorably forward.

Inner voice: “Shut up and pray.”

I guess I’ll try it.