By Request, ‘Praise to the Lord, the Almighty’

Are you noozed out by the time the weekend comes along? I am. So instead of nooze (it’ll still be there tomorrow), let’s hear this hymn that Joshua sent us–Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, sung by tenor Daniel Craig.

Hey, we’re not gonna clean up this mess by ourselves: we need the Lord to fight for us. Keep asking him; and I think He will.

By Request, ‘Redeemed’

This gorgeous hymn was requested by Joshua, and it came along just when I needed it, too. My soul was in bad shape after several hours of immersion in the nooze.

Redeemed, sung by Daniel Craig–you could stand up and cheer for this one! And don’t feel embarrassed if you do.

Bonus Hymn: ‘When I Survey’

Special request by Joshua–well, I can’t say no to somebody who translates my book into Japanese, can I? Besides, it’s such a beautiful hymn: When I Survey, by Daniel Craig. The tune is from an ancient folk song, “Waly, Waly.”

One More Hymn, by Request: ‘Praise to the Lord’

This hymn always stirs my soul, and we have to thank Joshua for requesting it–Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, sung here by Daniel Craig.

Gee, I’m starting to feel like a Christian disc jockey. But hymns are ammunition that the Lord has given us, to sling at the devil–and He has made sure that we’ll never run out of it. So keep on slinging!

By Request, ‘The End of Myself’

Okay, and here’s another hymn request, this one by Joshua–The End of Myself, by Daniel Craig. With snow! I’d give a lot, right now, to be walking across a snowy field. And I would thank the Lord whose mind and hands shaped it.