By Request, ‘Redeemed’

This gorgeous hymn was requested by Joshua, and it came along just when I needed it, too. My soul was in bad shape after several hours of immersion in the nooze.

Redeemed, sung by Daniel Craig–you could stand up and cheer for this one! And don’t feel embarrassed if you do.


I picked out this lovely hymn for us today–Redeemed, performed by the kids at Fountainview Academy. Never heard it before.

And there’s hardly anybody here this morning…

By Request, an Encore: ‘Redeemed’

As more and more of this fallen world is harangued and lectured to by indoctrinated teenagers who know only what they’ve been “taught,” it’s a tonic to remember that we are redeemed–by Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

I’m sure I posted this a few days ago, but hey, we do encores here. And we need to hear hymns and psalms: it’s an antidote to culture-killing.

And so, requested by Joshua, here’s Redeemed, by Big Daddy Weave. With lyrics that are well worth reading.

By Request, ‘Redeemed’

And this is Big Daddy Weave with Redeemed, requested by Susan.

If you’re new to this blog, we start every day here with a hymn or worship song, and we take requests. If there’s a hymn you’d like to see posted here, don’t be bashful, let us know…