‘Antifa Calls for Nov. 4 “Revolution”‘ (2017)

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Where are they now?

Have I got this right? People enter a public building to protest a crooked election, mill around, get arrested, and are accused of making an “insurrection” more calamitous than Pearl Harbor.

But if Far Left thugs from Antifa tear the country apart with riots in a dozen different cities, killing people, causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage… that’s a “mostly peaceful demonstration”?

Antifa Calls for Nov. 4 ‘Revolution’

Speakin’ of Antifa, where did they go? Looks like SloJo himself has taken over their role. Did they make a mistake and bite the hand of a Democrat, and lose the Democrats’ sponsorship?

Oh, wait’ll the Dems lose the midterm elections. Then we’ll see Antifa again.

While the riots were going on, The New York Times was celebrating the Russian Revolution. I mean that literally. They thought it was a good thing, and devoted 30 weekly articles to it.

In case you were wondering who inspires Antifa.