Can Our Universities Be Saved? (Hint: No)

Che Guevara: The face that launched a thousand...

Pop the college balloon–don’t go.

I just read a piece in Chronicles, by Paul Gottfriend, entitled “The Difficult Task to ‘Dewoke’ American Universities” (, in which he and other academics try to imagine reforms that will get our universities back on the right track.

Dudes, you’re overthinking it. Big-time.

You are not going to get Far Left dindles to stop being Far Left dindles, and firing them all is out of the question. If you want the nation’s universities to stop being black holes of cultural and political Marxism…

Don’t go. And don’t send your kids there, either.

How badly does anybody need a degree in Superhero Studies? It would take all week just to list the ridiculous, useless, and very often intellectually stultifying nonsense trotted out as “education.” And college costs a lot. Some grads will spend the rest of their lives trying to pay off their student loans.

“Everybody has to go to college! You can’t get anywhere in life unless you go to college!”

This assumption is just plain wrong. If everybody goes to college, the whole business gets watered down, the universities bloat up with silly courses and meaningless, worthless degrees, and the effect is the same as having no college at all.

Don’t go. Earn money instead of wasting money. At the very least, you’ll be spared endless hours of getting nagged and bored by Che Guevara wannabes.

If America’s commitment to the colleges were to be cut back by 50%–or even more!–who would ever notice? Besides professors and administrators who suddenly had to look for honest work. I doubt they’d find it. But the rest of the country would get by just fine without them.

You don’t need a university to learn the things you need to learn. Stay in college long enough, and you might never learn them.