Getting His Goat

I’m not sure of what’s going on here. Does the goat want a fight? Or does he want to play? I also get an impression that the dog thinks it’s too hot for getting involved with goats. The goat keeps trying, though.

I appeal to Erlene to interpret this for us. She knows about things like that.

A Puppy Under the Influence… of Goats

Watch this chihuahua puppy try to imitate her friends, a couple of baby goats. With her tail going a mile a minute, eventually she gets the idea–It’s dullsville to walk, baby: you gotta jump!

Hmmm… It occurs to me that this is why public school doesn’t work: too many kids imitating other kids. But that wouldn’t hurt them if they were as innocent as animals.

This puppy could grow up to be a very interesting dog.